The Goblin King

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The Goblin King

Post by Mr. Cuddles on Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:42 am

There is the human world, and then there is a place called the Monster Realm. Not many humans know about it, or those who know are never believed, but it does exist. Those who do believe it to be realm, or have seen 'things' from it have taken up the name Monster Hunter, they were smart enough to lie low. Although they are trained in trying to capture so-called monsters, not a single one of them has proof, other than blurred photos taken of what they claim to have seen. It is always intriguing to observe the humans when they fight so hard to find truths to all the happenings, but that is the point of a monster, to go in and out of that world unseen. Plus, they make great bedtime stories for children of both worlds.

With an uncomfortable scowl on his face, the Goblin King slowly approached the crib, he looked down at it as if it was some strange beast with a squeamish demeanor. In walked the mother who slapped him on his arm "That is your son!" The King gulped and nodded, sure he helped make him but the idea of this tiny thing being apart of his life scared him sh--less. "Must we...keep him here? This is my study after all" His wife who was queen just glared daggers at him "I was in labor for the whole day, I pushed him out of this!!!" she grabbed her loins "And you are whining about him taking up space in your study?!!". In truth the baby was an accident, the king really had no intention to have children, he made that clear to his wife. Instead, she got him drunk and had her way with him. Now, he was stuck being a father, something he dreaded his entire life. "Dear, I can't be his father..." he stepped back from the crib and walked over to the window to look out. "What you did was cruel, you know I'm not good enough for this". He was a soft man when it came to his wife, but he ruled with an iron fist when it was others. His wife looked down at the sleeping baby then moved up to hug him from behind "I know...what I did was indeed wrong, but I did it to prove that you can do this. Also, you need an heir, who will take your throne when you are gone?" The King let out a sigh "You do have a point about the heir, the bloodline can't must continue for the sake of this realm. I just..." "Shhh" she silenced him and moved to face him "We can do this together, and I know we can be great parents. You'll do just fine, I know you will". The King just looked at her "You really think so?" she nodded with a big smile.

It took some warming up to the King, he snuck into the study to see the baby again. There he was, sleeping, a tiny little green thing laying swaddled. Slowly, he reached in and picked him up, carefully cradling him in his arms. The King smiled, he gently combed his fingers through his black purple hair, he wasn't so sure if it was right to do this, but it felt right. He felt his fingers and counted all three being there, then his two toes. Even his little tail, it was nestled in the swaddling, and he looked so peaceful. Maybe Marna was right, maybe he could be a good father, he couldn't wait to see how he would turn out in years go come.

It had been two years and the King wished he could have shipped the kid off to another world, the boy was driving him crazy. "Daddy look!" he dangled from the weapons hanging on the wall, the whole place looked like a child lived there. Everywhere had things out of place, and it was on the King's nerve. "Eitri...please com-" the boy dropped down and landed on the shelf which knocked over some trinkets his dad really liked, the king rushed forward and caught them. Eitri dangled as he realized how high he was "Daddy help" The King scowled at him "No, you will learn some discipline. I have told you to not make a mess of the place...wait till your mother gets home". The boy winced as he was starting to lose his grip "Daddy!" he called out to him, his little voice desperate. The King stood holding the trinkets and watching him, his pants were sagging off exposing part of his diaper which brought a smile to his face. The boy tried to pull himself up, but couldn't, so he brought his feet up and planted them on the wall and managed to get a grip again "Daaaaddddyyy heeeellpp!" he threw his head back and yelled. With a grumble, the king set down his prized items and walked over to pick the boy up and held him out "Do you see the mess you have made?" Eitri just looked around then reached up to dig his nose while smiling. "You think this is funny?!" Just then the Queen walked in "Eitri!" "Mommy!!" he flew out his dad's arms into his mother's as she walked up to take him "How's my baby doing?" The King stood there looking at this 'display' as if it were an insult. "....Marna...look what he has-" "Oh Eitri, what did you do?" She looked around at the place, then sighed "You were being a bad boy again" Eitri pouted and buried his face into her neck. The King just groaned and walked away, he was never listened to when it came to punishments, and the boy didn't even care to listen to him.

More time had passed, and Eitri was now six years old, he had been going to school with the other monster children, even made some friends. "Hey, Dad!" Eitri burst into his father's study with his friend Flick behind him "Dad! DAD!!" The King was reading a book, he looked up to see his son grinning from ear to ear with a shadow creature behind him "....Hello Eitri, hello Flick...coming to destroy my house again?" The two blinked "No" they said in unison. "Can Flick stay the night?" King Tollak frowned "Absolutely not, the last time you two had a sleepover...I had to find repaint the walls". The two sighed and lowered their heads "....But d-" "No Eitri" the two pouted and walked out. Marna soon came around the corner and noticed the two "Why so sad?" She looked at Eitri and his friend "What did your father say?" Eitri sighed "He said we can't have a sleepover" Marna then walked into the study "Just let the boys have a sleepover" " know what they did last time". She crossed her arms "Yes, but if we enforce rules it won't happen again! Right, Eitri? Flick?" She eyed the two who quickly rushed in and nodded "Scouts honor!". Tollak narrowed his eyes "You two aren't even in boy scouts..." Marna raised a brow "....But Marna...the walls..." Eitri and Flick both gave him puppy eyes. "For the love of..ok...fine, but IF you ruin anything else Flick is banned from ever coming back here again".

Life was tough at times growing up in the King's shadow, Eitri had to deal with a lot of responsibility in regards to his bloodline, his history, and all the boring stuff his father tried to tell him. As years went on, he started to not look forward to being future King, he just wanted to do whatever he wanted with tons of freedom. Another thing he was doing was talking back to his father, constantly questioning and always having something to say which made the King mad most of the time. Marna was on him about trying to not upset his father, but he was a teenager now and he just didn't really like his father's rules. King Tollak held a discussion with Marna, he wanted him to understand the importance in becoming king, and why everyone in the monster realm looked up to him. "...I hate to make this decision, to do this to him". Marna grabbed his arm "Can't we just send him to boarding school, or-" "No...this is guaranteed to work".

The human world and monster world were similar to one another, the people in the monster world weren't primitive of any sort, well there were certain ones, but it was kinda like the human world. King Tollak planned on doing the one thing that would probably force his son to appreciate where he came from, turn him human and send him to the human world for an entire year. Eitri was called to his father's study, he walked in to see his parents who were both sitting down. "Have a seat Eitri". It was known for the Goblins to know magic, and his father had found the spell to do what he wanted to be done. "Your actions have left me with no choice Eitri...You will be banished to the human world-" Eitri's eyes widened "...Dad...what?! No!" His father sent his hand out to bind him to the chair "You will thank me for this, now...Marna..." She got up and walked over to kiss his cheek "I'm Sorry is for your own good" just seeing his mother's tears made him angry. "Dad let me go!" His father started to mutter the spell as he continued to bind him in place, it wasn't long till his body was changed, then a portal opened behind him and he was flung backward. When he came to he was laying on a park bench, he sat up and looked around and didn't see anyone thankfully. What was he to do here? Where was he to go?

His father's voice rang inside his head "I have sent some monsters who will be your parents the whole time you are there, they will look human, and should be arriving at your destination in forty minutes. Take the time to reflect, also, don't tell a soul- You know what? I got a better idea". Just then a pacifier appeared, and Eitri reached up to pull it out "What the hell dad?!" just then the pacifier reappeared in his mouth again. "You talk too much anyway, just follow their instructions, and if you are a good listening then the pacifier will allow you to speak". Eitri was pissed, he sat there cursing, and yelling insults in his head while he waited. It wasn't long when the couple approached him "Ah, prince Eitri if you will come with us, please?" The male looked at him with a smile. The woman also smiled "We got a nice apartment waiting for us, I'm going to cook up something great. A whole year here! Isn't that exciting!".

Eitri looked to the sky and tried to yell, but the pacifier muffled him as he got up and hesitantly walked with them, it was getting dark, and the feeling of depression was kicking in.
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