Despair: The Greatest High

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Despair: The Greatest High

Post by Mr. Cuddles on Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:40 am

Rain pattered against the frosted windows of the old shack, a lantern glowed brightly nearby. Muffled screams and cries could be heard along with grunts, moans, and laughter. A group of men dressed in uniform surrounded a female being defiled by another. The other didn't quite get his way yet, but he was having fun "Come on, don't make this harder than it should be" he had pinned her down and tried to force himself on her, but she kept resisting. One of the younger men was forced to watch, this was how they treated them, most of them that tried to cross over. Most of the females were taken and raped, because they wanted to have a better life along with their family. It was sad what they went through, but they weren't allowed to report it, or else they would get forced back to their home. It was a world where humans divided themselves completely from other races, they had to for the sake of keeping order. Humans had a better life, their tech was more advanced, they had better medicine and a little more freedom.

For the T'Canu it was a different story, their life was simple, but it was much harder to survive cause of the resources they lacked. They were refugees from another planet, after coming here fifty years ago, things weren't as easy. The T'Canu weren't versed on human culture, they were quickly segregated and left to fend for themselves and cut off by the humans for about twelve years until an agreement was made for them to merge into society. Representatives from both sides came together to try and find equilibrium, there were rules set in place, the new race had to assimilate into the human culture. If they could not follow the rules they were banished and were unable to return for a length of time depending on the situation.

Desperation called for desperate measures for most, so some of the females were subjected to cruel sexual torture for a quicker way in, they wanted to get the best for their families. It wasn't just female, but some men signed up for other forms of torture. Whatever it took to get in they did it, life outside was much harder, the lack of resources, the violence amongst them was getting bad. But, for the civilized few there were some that did try to earn their way legally, the sexual tortures were usually dealt with on the spot, but most of the time overlooked if both parties did not counter it. Usually, the fear and shame would be too great to bring it up. There were even cases were some of the Humans would go out to coax some of the T'Canu into getting in beyond the walls, even tricking some into slavery for it, promising them a good life. This made it where things got so bad that war broke out, some of the T'Canu great distressed by the way they were treated, and some resorted to fighting back. It started with them killing some of the Humans that went to kidnap any of the woman and children. The war lasted for just a few years, most of them were proved to be dangerous and their whole race was almost wiped out. It was the elders that came forward, they begged to not continue the war, they wanted peace, they never came on this planet to take over, they wanted to live peacefully.

The T'Canu were seen as a threat by appearance, they were tall, had slightly lengthened arms, legs, and torso, compared to a human they were very agile, faster, but their heads were the incredible part. They had horns, all horns were different, some were straight, some curved. Their skulls were thicker than a human's skull, and they could ram their heads into things no problem. They looked human in appearance, their hair had a range of colors, bright orange, blue, dark blue, white, pink, purple, yellow, green, red, and black. Their skin ranged as well, some came close to most human complexions.

In the end, they wanted what the Humans wanted, and it was to be free, they did not mean any harm, in the beginning, their sudden invasion was not of their doing. They were forced from their home planet due to it becoming uninhabitable. Their crops were dying, the rains had stopped and many of them were also dying because of it. It was then another alien race came to help them, they packed them into ships and sent them to earth since they thought it to be safe for them.


"Man, you are a feisty one" the man slapped the female and choked her, the young soldier nearby got upset. "Come on, you said you wouldn't hurt her...not stop it already!" One of the other men grabbed him and shoved him down "Shut your mouth El, one more outburst and it is lights out". The soldier pinning the female down was playing around, it turned him on when they squirm "Hey El, how about you have this one?". El was his nickname, his name was Elliot Dufresne, a first-time soldier in the military police. "What? No, this is wrong, w-" "I swear El, I'm going to kick your ass" the spoke Connor. "I'll do it, it'll be quick" spoke another named Dwight. Aaron was the one trying to rape the T'Canu female, she was captured by them for stealing, and instead of handling it the legal way they wanted to have their way with her. This wasn't right, nor legal and they used their power. "Come on El, she's ready for ya". Aaron moved to embrace her from behind, she kicked and cried but he held her mouth and tried to shush her "Shh, listen, you'll go to jail because you stoled-" "She stole some food, she was hungry" Elliot shouted and was kicked in the head by Dwight "Told you, I'll do it". "Stop guys, go easy on the kid, give him time to adjust. Come on El, get up, come over, drop your pants and get right between her legs". El had rolled over to hold his head, soon he was dragged up and forced over to where she was "No...I'm not doing this...I won't". Aaron frowned "I guess he's not one of us boys". Dwight pulled out his pistol and held it to Elliot's head "Do it". El was terrified, he trembled as he could feel the gun to his head, he even cringed "P-please...don't, I c-can't..." "Are you gay? You like boys El?". Connor went to yank his pants down for him "Do it El if you don't...your poor mom will die of heartbreak". Aaron then released the girl and stood back "Ok, let us give them space...I think it will get weird if we're all watching so close" he smirked. Elliot felt sick to his stomach, but he had a gun pointed at his head, he wanted to take the bullet and spare the girl. She looked at him through tears and nodded to him, she didn't want to see him die over this.

There was no way he could do this, it was rape, plus this wasn't how he envisioned his first time either. She looked to be in her early twenties, probably roughing it trying to get food for herself or family. Elliot choked back a sob and he knelt down and moved slowly to her, he started to cry. "Oh wow, he's crying" Connor started to laugh along with the other two. Aaron cackled "Ha, I'm guessing this is his first time. This is going to be good, go on, drop the boxers El". Slowly with trembling fingers he pulled his boxers off, he could still feel the pointed at him, and he noticed the girl wasn't crying as much. In a moment like this, he wished he could die and start over without this memory. "... I...I can't..." tears poured down his cheek. Elliot was a young guy, fresh out of the academy, he took a vow to serve and protect under the law, he pledged his life to do right. That same day he hugged his proud mom as he went on his first day of work. It was all over from here, his dreams were gone. Through blind tears, he could see her mouth to him "It's okay...just do it". Despite the situation she was accepting of him, she was also scared but saw that he was being forced to do this for the sake of entertainment.

The gun was then pointed at his face "Do it Dufresne, or else...I just tell your mom it was an accident, you weren't cut out for the job". El looked over at Dwight with so much fear and anguish, he took a breath and moved in close to her. It was going to be impossible like this "...I can't...I can't get hard..." Dwight pushed the gun against his head "No excuses, I'm hard right now, you're making us all wait". Elliot started to breathe hard as he could feel the cold metal on his flesh. Reaching down he had to work himself, he had to think of something, and it was difficult but he managed to get it for a moment. Looking at the girl he sighed "I'm so sorry" he moved in close and pushed into her. Upon doing so she yelped, which made him tense up thinking he hurt her bad "I'm so sorry..." he sobbed as he started to rock against her. The warmth was what kept him going, he closed his eyes and it wasn't long till it was over.

Afterwards, he pulled from her and quickly yanked up his boxers, grabbed his pants and ran to vomit in a nearby bin. "Was it that bad El? Hell, it looked like you were making love to her" the guys laughed at him, they knew he couldn't report them, or else they might end up killing him or the girl.


It had been a month since that had happened, Elliot had taken leave from work to deal with things, going back after it was too much and it was affecting him. It was just him and his mother mainly, he was helping her with bills since she was disabled and unable to work. His father died when he was young, so it was all he ever knew. "Elliot?" his mother called to him, she had the most comforting smile, she wasn't very tall only standing at 5'0''. She had a light skin complexion, dark brown hair which she had tied up in a bun, and she had the kindest eyes. Elliot had trouble functioning, he told his mother he had seen a dead body for the reasoning and that it shook him, she was very understanding and tried to help him through. "Coming..." Elliot was slender in build, he was a little taller than his mother by seven inches, he had dark brown hair which he had swept back since he needed to get it cut soon, his skin was a cream color. His eyes were blue like his father's, his mother often compared him to his father. Most importantly were his eyebrows, they were a little thicker, but they gave him a very distinguished look. "Yes, mother?" he rounded the corner and looked at her trying to smile a bit, but it had been so hard. She motioned for him to come over, and once he neared she gave him a hug "I just want you to feel better" she started to rub his back, and that alone soothed him. It was just the touch he needed constantly, she had been hugging and rubbing his back which helped him every time, he just wanted it to last forever. "You know?" She began in a gentle voice "I hope that person you found did not die violently, I hope it was swift". Elliot hated to lie to her, but there was no way in hell he could tell her what happened.


It was a couple of days before going back to work, he was on a two week leave, one he wasn't proud of. Though he had to find some way, some way he could get those corrupted men out there, they didn't make things safe for anyone. Elliot decided to go for a walk, he just wanted to get out and try to blend into society again, there were humans and T'Canu around. Making his way down the block he stopped at a mini-mart owned by a T'Canu who he had known for some years. "Hey Charrbo" Elliot walked in and gave a wave "Elliot, how are you?" Charrbo had started the English language to perfection, he studied it before getting in beyond the walls and mingled as much as he could till he fit right in. Charrbo had dark red hair, his horns were positioned a little forward and curved back a bit, his pointed ears stuck out a little as well. His eyes were a light blue and his skin had a slight greyish brown to it. "Could be better..." Elliot shrugged and went to grab a drink from the cooler, he walked over to pay for it. Charrbo grunted a bit "I can tell, you are having a bad time". Elliot nodded "I'm doing better though, trying to be better". The T'Canu smiled "That is all you can do, is try to do better, good luck my friend". Elliot nodded and waved to him "Catch you later". Stepping out he immediately opened his soda and guzzled it down, the cold drink made everything feel right at that moment. Maybe he would just go for a long walk, to clear his head.


Time had been good to him so far, Elliot was ready to get back to work, he had his hair cut and his uniform was neatly pressed. Still, he was a damaged man, there was no way he could function normally, but he was going to prove to the other men that he wasn't like them. Upon walking in he was greeted by the others, but those three weren't too happy to see him. "We thought you were going to quit on us El" Dwight smirked at him as they sat in the briefing room. "...F--- you Dwight" Elliot blinked at what he just said, and noticed that look at Dwight's face. That was a bad move, but his brain wasn't working and how he was feeling he was saying it. It felt good, even though he knew he was doomed. Once they were given their task, his job was to patrol downtown, so he went with one of the other soldiers happily. It was nice not being a target for most of the day, though when the patrol was over he knew he was in trouble. Once they pulled back into the compound, he got out and tried to hurry off for his car when he was ambushed by Connor and Aaron "...Let him go" Dwight said to them "But, he told you to-" " I know, just let him go...he deserves that one". Elliot felt like he was going to crap bricks, he got into his car and quickly drove off. As he was slowing he noticed from down the street that girl, he recognized he hair. She was wearing a black hoodie, some faded jeans, and black and white sneakers. For a minute he froze so long at the light it turned red again which enraged the person behind him, they started to honk at him repeatedly until it turned again where he started to drive. He did drive by her, but then he turned the vehicle around to pull in close, as he did he could see her stop and slowly turn to go the other way. Quickly he got out of his car and called out to her "Hey, wait...I-" he noticed she started to walk faster, he started to jog lightly towards her "Wait...I just wanted to-" "Go away...I didn't do anything wrong, I'm just trying to go home". Then it dawned on him, he was still in uniform. "Wait, I'm off duty...I'm not going to arrest you, please stop". She stopped and stood dead in her tracks, she didn't move. "I'm not going to hurt you..." Elliot stopped just a few feet from her. "I'm not sure if...if you remember me" "I remember you..." She spoke calmly. "I don't blame you".

"I wish I could fix this...I want to end this...bring justice for what happened". Elliot sighed "It was wrong what they did...they should have just fined you". The female turned her head slightly "Or kill me...they could have just killed me..." she slowly turned to face him, and as she did he could see that she was pregnant. Elliot looked like he was going to faint, his heart felt like it stopped. "I know...this isn't what should have happened. I don't even know you..." she felt her stomach and sniffled "I'm not ready for this!". Elliot just stared at her in shock, then it all came flooding back "..." he reached up to hold his head as it felt like he was going to pass out, he collapsed to his knees and caught himself. The female moved over to him "Whoa whoa...don't, not here" she helped him up and carried him over to a nearby alley to sit him down. "I know...this is a shock. I'm sorry you had to see me like this". Elliot looked at her, he reached out slowly to touch her stomach "...I..." he was angry that this happened. It wasn't fair for them, and now she was carrying his child.

It had been a few hours that he sat there with her, they talked for a bit but not much. "My name is L'Tara, I live with my grandparents. My parents died when I was a baby...I've been stealing to keep them fed. I started to cause no one would hire me to work...well the places I have been to. A lot them won't give me a job". Elliot looked at her "No one?" she nodded, she was indeed pretty. She had gold colored eyes, light blue hair, and light brown complexion. It was an unfortunate event, something the two of them didn't want, but this means they had to help one another. Elliot was going to be there for her, he planned on doing what he had to do for their future child, but he was going to have to find some way to get rid of the other three, so they can be charged for what they were doing.

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