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Post by Mr. Cuddles on Wed May 16, 2018 1:14 am

Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio Crystal_Garden_Logo
This story is like an RPG, it needs a theme song.

This is where I am putting character information, just as a reference. Also made a logo to go with it, and it looks lame lol. I haven't toyed with the new PS much to get familiar with some of the changes, and I don't have any of my old tools, and settings loaded into it. Not sure if I can locate them, but I'm not too worried about it <.< it is what it is lol.

Anyhow without further ado, I welcome you to the world of Edrosia (made up name), had to crack open the fantasy vault in my head to think of a name. I haven't been this 'into' creating something like this in a long time. I just wanted to create a world, and the map is just a placeholder...for if I want to go further and add to it. I drew the map in MS paint and colored it to just give an idea of how the world would look from a map view.

Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio Crystal_Garden_Edrosia1

I was thinking of marking key regions, but I'll probably just leave it as is, for now, a blank slate to be filled in later.

Now to introduce the characters I have limited information on. I didn't want to build them too much outside of the story, and instead build them in the story, to gain some footing on personalities that sort of thing.

Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio Ekko_0

Meet Nils Oro, he's the main protagonist (unless you join <.<), in this story.

Name: Nils Oro
Age: 17
Height: 5'8''
Blood Type: O-
Race: H'mar

Nils is more of the adventurous type, ambitious, and at times a little too ambitious. He likes building and tinkering with stuff, but his favorite thing to do is to explore and hunt. Being in dangerous situations is more a thrill for him than anything else, he aims to see the world for what it truly is.


Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio B23d696b6ade1ad9ab8e2c93c3876e70

Name: Itzal Oro
Age: 15
Height: 5'3"
Blood Type: B+
Race: H'mar

Itzal is the adopted younger brother of Nils, he is a skilled fighter, and can often win fights against most of the older kids. He has a stubborn streak to him, can come off as cocky when he's in a fight as he is always 100% certain he'll have another win under his belt.


Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio F35f2ba98a46939da6ce40d10128f06f

Name: Shilpa
Age: ??
Height: 5'5"
Blood Type:?

Not much is known about Shilpa, but she is a girl on a mission. She's a skilled marksman and fighter. She's adapted to her surroundings and can make a weapon out of almost everything. She's a mystery to most and is known as The Wandering Girl, as she drifts from town to town. Those who have crossed her, are often left with a reminder to avoid her at all costs.


Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio Df687d422945a4099adb053c93466054Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio 83f15bda03fdeec2f140ac86f3dd36ba

Atia and Burl Oro

Age: 56 and 51
Status: Wife and Husband
Race: Elken and H'mar

These two have been together since their youth, they run a business together which consists of mechanic work and food. Burl is always hands deep in metal and blueprints whether it is him building or doing repair work for others. He is highly regarded as the most skilled mechanic.

Atia prefers the culinary aspect of life, she focuses on gardening for the freshest and most tasteful produce to mix into her meals and relies on her adopted sons for the meat.
Atia is the oldest of the two but doesn't look like she has aged as much attributing to her genes and race.

They adopted Nils and Itzal when they were younger, because they weren't able to have any children of their own.

Using music to just make it dramatic, they're really not going to be good guys lol. I have images for them, but not entirely certain on using them, so I'll get them up at some point once I have narrowed things down.

Name: Elber (Family Name)
Members: It is still unknown how many members there are, but those who have an idea will state that there would be ten.

Status: Not liked by many, a possible antagonist.

Elber is the family name for many who are in charge of The Empire, not too much is known about them, but they oversee just about everything across the lands. They have an army and a plethora of wealth and resources. The only thing that is known is that The Empire is responsible for taking in displaced orphans from the Glavus destruction many moons ago, but no word had been spoken since, and none of the orphans had been seen. For all they know is that they have joined their army.



H'mar (Basically Humans, but they are not weaker or stronger than other races. These are a hearty people.)
Elken (Elven like people, some having small horns and distinct markings on their face and body. They can sense a change in weather and atmosphere, they'll know when it is going to rain, storm, etc. They are more attuned to nature.)
Ke'shah (Human-like, are distinguished by having tails that covered in fur-like hair. They also have a higher agility, and balance compared to other races. Their reaction time is much quicker which gives them an advantage in accuracy.)
Pogju (Small dog and cat-like breed, walk upright, have human-like hands with four fingers with a thumb. A heightened hearing, a strong sense of smell, do not speak a known language. They communicate through traditional means.) Example: Crystal Garden OOC Prep/Intro/Bio 148958c2db62bf48b7ad8426c4d1458e


A lot of this will be edited, so don't cling to anything just yet lol. This is just to get something going, so I didn't have it piled up, so I can just add as I go along.
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