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Crystal Garden

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Chapter One

The gentle howling of the wind pushed up against the window, light raindrops pattered gently on the glass. Sleeping soundly in bunk beds nearby were two young boys who had just gone off to bed after a long day. Their mother Atia was downstairs cleaning up the kitchen and making sure lunches were packed for the new day. Another day of training, and it made her wonder where has time gone? It was like yesterday when she and her husband Burl went to the local flower shop. It was fate that brought those boys into their lives, she always wanted to be a mother and they brought her nothing but joy for so many years that they had shared of their lives.

"AARGCHK..." Came a sound from the garage outside.

Atia nearly dropped her dishes and grabbed a newspaper to run out and see "Burl...Burl!" she called out to her husband, as she turned in to see him hopping in place while grabbing his foot. "Ah...damn hammer fell on my toe!" he whimpered. Burl was a tough man when he had to be and normally didn't mention his pain unless it was something bad. In this case, it was bad, he had already banged his toe some days ago. "...Oh, Burl..." Atia set down the paper and went over to coax him into sitting down "Let me look at it". The man hobbled back onto his workbench and carefully pulled his boot off "...Should have worn the steeled boots...just didn't want any pressure on it. Guess, this is my punishment". Atia pulled his sock off and examined it "You're going to have to lose the nail for sure" she noticed it was a little purple under the nail. "Why didn't you show me this sooner?". Burl grumbled, "I know I know...I just didn't want you to hound me about it". Then he blinked when he noticed her narrowed gaze "...I don't mean that you nag, but you like to constantly ask to look at my hurts...". Atia raised a brow "Well, I am so sorry for caring?" Burl sighed ", Atia, I'm sorry...I know you care about my well be-"

"Dad are you okay?" in walked a slightly drenched blonde haired boy who looked like he was half asleep and grumpy "You yelled kind of loud".

"Really loud, we're right next to the garage" the other walked in also wet from the rain.

Atia frowned "You two need to go to bed, you have training in the morning" the two scowled at the idea of it, they didn't mind the training, they hated the early part of it. "But-" Itzal didn't get to finish his statement when he got that 'look'. Nils didn't even try "Ok...we're going..." he turned to leave and his younger brother followed as the two were grumbling on their way back. Burl just smiled "You really put the fear in those boys, hell you do the same with me...". Atia smirked at him "Oh really? I Just can't have those two growing up with no responsibility, and being no goods, can I?"


It wasn't long till the two were back inside and she was bandaging up his big toe "There, that should do it. Now you rest, and no sneaking off to build anything. Give your foot a rest". Burl sighed "Sure thing" he pulled back the lever on his chair and decided to try and doze off there. Atia just sighed and shook her head, she needed to finish up cleaning and making lunch before turning in herself.

Morning came, and the sun was rising up casting its glow against their house. The boys were still asleep and they weren't exactly morning people, to begin with. Soon, Itzal had crawled out of bed and hurried to get ready "Nils, wake up!" he called up to him as he noticed his brothers arm dangling off the side of the upper bunk. "...Seriously?" There were rules, and the rules were to be responsible for each other at all times, especially with getting up on time. It was a horrible rule, and it at times made him resent Nils for the few times they were late. Walking off he soon came back with a wet rolled up towel, he scaled up the ladder and twirled it before pulling back and whipping him across his back. Nils practically jumped up like a cat, he yelped in pain while rolling and dropping off the side on the floor. "ITZAL, YOU BUTTHEAD!" he yelled out and got up ready to fight him "I'm going to ki-" as he was ready to charge him, their mother appeared to see what was going on. That was the thing about Atia, she was fast, and at times very quiet, so no one had time to react to her showing up. "....Uh...morning Mom...I was just getting up" Nils tried to downplay the bad start. Atia crossed her arms and looked at Itzal "Did you have to do that to him?" Itzal frowned "I'm not going to get in trouble cause of him, so yes I did". Nils went to look in the mirror at his back "Let me look" Atia walked over and ran her finger on the area "You'll have a little bruise for a day or so, but it should go away". Nils glared at him. "Now, get ready you two, we have a long day ahead of us".

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