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Post by Kurisu on Wed May 21, 2014 4:24 am

It was mid morning, almost noon, Myune had left Zemira in Drystan's care since he had off that day so she could go out to the her monthly appointment with her doctor for her semi-annual injection a bit sooner than the appointment actually was. Lately she'd been feeling her waves of agitation from time to time and knew it was her thirst for fresh blood that would hike its way up to her senses. So she'd called had gotten the appointment and had received treatment. Upon walking up to the home she stood at the front of the walk way that led up the house just admiring it, taking a moment to enjoy the calm and peaceful serenity that had come over her body  Sadly it only lasted for a moment as thwack! was heard, her eyes shot the window as she noticed a blue goop sliding down the glass panel "....." the hybrids eyes had widened for a moment before a look of dismay came over her face a sigh escaping her lips "What is this little girl doing?.." with a shake her head she made her way into the house "Drystan" her voice was firm "what is going on?"

When Myune was heading out, the toddler was already awake and full of energy like every other morning, and decided to just run around while Drystan had to coax her to get some clothes on and feed her. Once she had settled enough he was able to fix her hair, which she whined and fussed about since she prefered her mother to do it, and just wasn't going to have it with staying still. "Zemi...don't run around like that" the two year old ran back and forth, and when she was being chased she slipped under the table to hide. "You really are something" Drystan had to get her to stay in the living room so he could keep better watch on her. Though it was when he went to take care of some laundry and came back, he saw that she got a hold  of the slime shooter her cousins had bought her "..No" he went to reach it only for her to yank it away and accidently fire it off towards the window "..great..." he didn't like that she had the toy since it would only make a mess, but the slime wasn't too difficult to scoop back was just annoying. " Zemi..." then he sensed Myune was back, and motioned for the toddler to give him the toy, and to behave herself. As soon as she walked in he looked at her while holding the toy, then blinked as Zemira went running over "Mom mom!" she immediately latched onto her mother's leg. "...I'll clean it...." he couldn't seem to keep the toy out of her reach, cause if she wanted it she was going to get it regardless of where it was.

Upon entering the home, Myune had honestly expected to find it all in disarray but was honestly relieved to see it was clean other than the mess on the window. A sigh of relief escaped her lips and the voice of her energetic little hybrid reached her ears. "Oh my Zemi" she reached down and picked her up, getting a good look at her hair "Well looks like your dad did try" she smiled and glanced toward Drystan "she's gotten the slime shooter again… honestly we need to lock that up somewhere" she moved over and pecked his cheek "why the kids gave her that present" the hybrid sighed as she shook her head pulling her Zemi close as she snuggled the  toddler for a moment "how about we have lunch at the park? or perhaps … make an attempt ad Del Fauscos again?" she threw her questions at Drystan. The last time they attempted to eat out didn't go so well, Zemi had thrown a fit and a lovely elderly couple five tables down were drenched in their own soup as Zemira had flung whatever she could get her hands on. Myune's soft pastel teal hues moved to the little one in her arms, she could sense Zemi's hyperness and slowly lowered her down the ground "… I think the park would be better, I'll start packing a lunch" with that she headed into the kitchen.
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