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Post by Kurisu on Fri May 23, 2014 1:58 am

Vitani couldn't help but grin as she rested her forehead against his, staring down into his eyes. However as his words reached her ears her grin slowly slipped away from her lips as she pulled her head back. Allowing him to explain himself she slowly gave him a nod, Vitani wasn't the jealous type but the news still bothered her. So his father was trying to get him to find a wife, well in a sense that wasn't surprising at all.  "I had a feeling something like that would happen. I just hope you two are able to keep things believable until we're able to leave." there was quite a bit of uncertainty laced in her vocal cords as she spoke, a bit of a tightening in her chest. The Irathient forced down a knot in her throat as she unraveled her legs from around him and lowered her feet down to the ground.  Was this really actually bothering her? Vitani's gaze averted from Tirin as she turned  and headed toward the fire and took a seat near it. Running her tongue across her lips before clenching her teeth she inhaled slowly and began to run her fingers through her hair.  It was literally bothering her and it took her this long to realize it and actually act on it. "So she has her own 'other' I understand that but you know your father has eyes everywhere in Defiance. Everywhere." her voice giving a large amount on emphasis on the word as she finally brought her chartreuse hues to  him. "If he even gets that 'troubled' whiff that something is up then I can kiss ever seeing you again goodbye." she cleared her throat having felt her voice faltering from its firmness toward the end. "Hell even the moments you had to stop me… from my rage.. word could get out a-and.."  her voice literally cracked as her emotions were becoming harder to keep a tight rein on. Balling her hand into a fist she slammed it against her thigh to keep herself from crumbling anymore. Going silent for a few moments she worked at regaining her shattering composure before meeting her eyes with him once more "I can't bear the thought of never being with you again"
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