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Post by Kurisu on Fri May 06, 2016 6:23 pm

[This is something i found on Tumblr and it just hit me hard.]

If you are an RPblog/RPer, please read this.

(Before we begin, this is going to be a bit long. But worth it.)

Hello my friend.

My name is Ryan, but that is just my “real name”. My name here can be monstergirlsinc, MGI, or more commonly MGI-mun. In the end, what you choose to call me is not really as important as what I am. I am a roleplayer. Like you.

Think about that for a second. When a lot of people think about roleplay, they think one of two things. They either think of some sort of bedroom activity of which we will speak nothing of here. Or they think of “some weirdos wearing capes and hitting each other with foam swords.” Let’s face it, that stereotype is exactly why most of us would hesitate to tell new friends we were roleplayers. It is just something people tend to keep to themselves. But to those of us who are like you, those of us with our own character, we see what you see. We experience the ride, the emotion, the true human power it takes to make and live a world.

I want you to take a moment, my friend, and think of your muse. Or your muses, if you have many. Think of every one, big or small, no matter if you have RPed them for years or sparsely between work and sleep. I know you can see them perfectly. You see them perhaps sitting at a table, or standing with their back to you, just glancing over their shoulder. Perhaps their face can’t be seen, but you know they acknowledge you. You see them as clear as day, I know you do. Because that is how I see my muses too.

You see, my friend, we RPers have an interesting gift. Yes, a gift. We can take our own worlds, or even another’s, and with the power of our mind we can transform it into something very, very real. Real to us, and real to every other who interacts with them. We not only tell the story, we live it, and we let others live it too.

Do you even know what I am saying? Your muse is alive because of you. Think about that, think about your character smiling at that notion. They have you to thank. Even if your characters were imagined by another, their story ended with the end of that anime/game/book or whatever. But you, you gave it more. You determined that they deserved to transcend that ending and live on. And you breathed that life into them. You gave them a second wind. You are the sole reason they stand there, or sit there, and smile at you. You gave them the chance.

Too often, I see people put themselves down. They say how awful they are as RPers. How they feel inadequate. How they feel their character is too “small”.

“The smallest drop in the ocean can start a wave of emotion.”

What truer words exist in our craft? We all know that one other person, one other muse, that through a single RP changed the way our character thinks. Even the shortest and smallest RP can alter a whole destiny. Change a mind. Determine a future. Where else in any art can that same thing be said?

I want you to take a moment. And please, I really want you to do this for me. Please. Go to a mirror. I want you to look at yourself. Whatever you think, “damn he/she is hot!” or “wow what a stupid fuck” just..put that out of your head. I want you to focus on one thing alone.

Look at that person staring back at you.

Now think of your muse, smiling.

That person gave them life.

You gave them life.

No matter what else you think of yourself, this fact is inescapable. You are a life-giver to those who you thought deserved to live again, to transcend their book/game/movie. They speak through you, they type through you, they live through you. And they appreciate that. You know they do. Because you know your character as if they were part of your very soul. And I know they are, because my girls are a part of mine.

My fellow RPers, my dearest friends, my future encounters of love, honor, and glory. I salute you. I salute and respect every single one of you. No matter your muse. No matter your person. You are a god in my eyes. The ones who said “You will not die as long as I have breath to spare.” You did not give up on them. And through so many tears shed, hours passed, and hearts broken you have earned your place in my eyes among the worlds greatest artists and thinkers.

Be proud of yourself. Be proud of roleplay. Be proud of who you are.

This is Ryan/MGI, with all the love in the world, signing off.
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